World Hepatitis Day – #ThinkHepatitis

28th July: World Hepatitis Day!


Jessica Cheng

Jessica Cheng is in her second year of an Arts/Law degree at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about social justice and enjoys running, playing in her string quartet and learning kung fu in her spare time.

Did you know that viral hepatitis kills as many people worldwide every year as HIV/AIDS? Or that it is the world’s 8th biggest killer? Or that 80% of people are unaware that they even have hepatitis?

The 28th July is World Hepatitis Day, which aims to raise awareness of viral hepatitis as a global health issue and thus catalyse efforts to eradicate it worldwide. It was launched in 2008 by the Global Hepatitis Alliance, and marks the birthday of Professor Baruch Blumberg, a Nobel Prize-winning researcher into the hepatitis B virus.

The theme for World Hepatitis Day 2014 is “Think Again” – we have to think again about issues relating to awareness, prevention, treatment, vaccination, stigma and our part in eliminating hepatitis.

Informed? / Unaware? Example from the World Hepatitis Day online poster campaign

To participate in World Hepatitis Day, look out for local events, get vaccinated or checked up by a doctor, and talk to your friends and family about hepatitis. Together, we can work towards a hepatitis-free world!

Here’s the link to the official World Hepatitis Day video:

And for more information, visit

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