Community Wellness Expo

Saturday 15th October, 2016

Lebanese Muslim Association Hall, Lakemba


Promoting awareness of the wide range of health services available in the Sydney Local Health District was at the heart of the inaugural Community Wellness Expo, held on Saturday 15th October. The event was hosted by the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) in partnership with the NSW Health Sydney Local Health District and other health organisations including BreastScreen NSW. Hepatitis B Free was invited to take part in this event, providing hepatitis B testing and education to the Muslim community.

Whilst overall rates of hepatitis B are low in Australia compared to global figures, hepatitis B is more common among migrants from countries with higher rates of hepatitis B. Furthermore, access to healthcare remains a challenge for many of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.


More than 50 people were tested for hepatitis B with many following up with a Fibroscan. One person was identified as positive for hepatitis B and was linked to further care.

Hepatitis B Free volunteers included doctors, nurses, medical students and lawyers. As always, we are very grateful to those who have given up their most precious commodity, time.1

Widespread promotion for the event was undertaken by the key stakeholders, and rewarded by a full day of activities and positive overall response from the many attendees, including families and children. Other services available included breast cancer screening, GP check-ups, nutrition advice, diabetes risk assessments, and dental checks.

Following the success of the day, we plan to continue discussion with the LMA to see how to further address gaps in hepatitis awareness.

Photos: Alice Lee

Post by Carrie Lee

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