Assoc. Professor Alice Lee awarded the 2017 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award in honour of community activist and leader

Congratulations Associate Professor Alice!


Assoc. Professor Alice Lee receives 2017 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award at the Annual General Meeting. Source: Hepatitis NSW.


At the Annual General Meeting of Hepatitis NSW in October, Associate Professor Alice Lee, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Hepatitis B Free, was presented the 2017 Hepatitis NSW (HNSW) Cheryl Burman Award for her work on viral hepatitis in the Asia-Pacific Region. This was the first time the Award was given to a recipient in the field of hepatitis B.

The Award honours the community activitist and leader, teacher, mother, Hepatitis NSW Board member and President Cheryl Burman, who died on 9 August 2011 after a long and difficult struggle with hepatitis C-related liver disease. She is remembered for her significant contribution and passion for the cause.

The HNSW Cheryl Burman Award is presented annually to an individual or team in NSW for outstanding commitment to improve the prevention, education, treatment and support for people living with viral hepatitis. Nominees are judged by a panel for their work in the year leading up to each AGM.

It is encouraging to hear about so many stories of dedicated individuals and organisations working towards the shared goal of improving the lives of those living with viral hepatitis.

In 2017, Alice travelled to the DPRK, PNG, Myanmar and Japan to direct prevention and treatment programs, educate health workers and collaborate with researchers and health officials. She has also been working closely with partners in Kiribati to develop hepatitis treatment initiatives in the Pacific Islands.

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