WHO Global Hepatitis Talk Show Bringing hepatitis care closer to you 28th July 2022

Theme: Bringing hepatitis care closer to you

We invite you to join WHO World Hepatitis Day 2022 to participate in our Global Hepatitis Talk show to commemorate this important day. 

This year’s theme is “Bringing Hepatitis Care closer to you” highlighting the need for bringing hepatitis care closer to the primary health facilities and communities to ensure that people have better access to care, no matter what type of hepatitis they may have.

This high-level Global Hepatitis Talk show will feature WHO senior leaders, global experts and an exciting panel of international and national stakeholders, and civil society from every region to discuss opportunities for accelerating the hepatitis response to achieve elimination by 2030.

You can find our campaign website at https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-hepatitis-day/2022 with key messages and campaign materials in 6 languages.

The new global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis (2022-2030) and Guidelines for HCV service delivery, diagnostics and treatment in children and adolescents can be found online.

On World Hepatitis Day, we will share the ‘Report on seven country pilots of WHO Criteria for country validation of viral hepatitis elimination.

Please share the campaign website and the invitation with your regional and country networks and partners.

We invite you to REGISTER NOW and share the invitation with your networks and partners.

 Click the link below to register in advance and join the webinar: 


Interpretation will be available in English, French and Spanish

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