World Hepatitis Day 2016 Video

In 2016, the University of New South Wales and University of Sydney Hepatitis B Free Societies joined forces to produce a social media campaign culminating in a YouTube music video.

Our intention was to produce the Sydney version of the World Hepatitis Alliance’s NO HEP campaign. We danced around a couple of Sydney’s most recognisable landmarks – Hyde Park, the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens – to signal our support for the global to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Joining other actions from around the globe, our photos were released on 28 July, World Hepatitis Day.

In line with this Day, we asked our audience to join us in asking governments to commit to making national targets under the WHO’s first ever elimination strategy, adopted by 194 countries in May 2016. We also asked for government commitments that would lead to a 65% drop in the death toll, a 90% reduction in new cases of hepatitis, and 7 million lives saved by 2030.

Check out our video, which was previewed on the official UNSW website!

It can be found here: