Hepatitis B Free is a group of passionate volunteers from diverse backgrounds who want to give back and make a difference.

Board Members

Alice Lee

Associate Professor Alice Lee, Co-Founder & Co-Director

Associate Professor Alice Lee is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, clinical associate professor at Macquarie University and currently leads the liver services at Concord and Canterbury Hospitals, where she is a senior staff member. A graduate from the University of Sydney, Associate Professor Lee completed a PhD in liver disease (Sydney University) and remains active in teaching and clinical research. In addition to providing general gastroenterology services, she has extensive experience in viral hepatitis.

Sue Huntley

Sue Huntley, Co-founder & Co-director

Sue Huntley is a Clinical Research Consultant, and after many years of nursing Sue owns her own research company and is working in various areas of clinical research and project management. Sue has volunteered for many Charity groups on projects globally.

Melissa Kermeen

Melissa Kermeen, Secretary

Melissa Kermeen is a Registered Nurse specialising in Hepatology as a Clinical Trial Coordinator at Concord Hospital. Her passion is viral hepatitis and believes that prevention is always better than cure and that effective healthcare is a basic human right. Originally from Ballarat, Victoria Melissa has made Sydney her home after living abroad and travelling to many developing countries.

DR Liz Walsh

Dr Liz Walsh, Chief Medical Officer

Dr Liz Walsh is an advanced trainee of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine from Cork, Ireland. She completed her medical degree in Trinity College Dublin. Grateful for access to free education in her own country, she has a strong desire to share the benefits of this with others.

Peter McGhee

Peter McGhee, Legal Counsel

Peter McGhee has diverse experience working as a solicitor for 22 years. This has included acting as Executive Officer and Principal Solicitor of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service, teaching at UTS Law Faculty and working at the NSW Attorney General’s Department in inquiries before the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Currently he is Senior Legal Officer at the Department of Education.

Committee Members

Carrie Lee

Carrie Lee, Youth & Communications Officer

Carrie Lee is a medical student with a growing passion for global health and finding ways to improve health where access and resources are limited. Carrie travelled to Papua New Guinea with Hepatitis B Free for the first time in January 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. Her roles include photographing and documenting, fundraising, and facilitating ways for students to put their creativity and skills to use.

Jess Cheng

Jess Cheng, Youth & Communications Officer

Jessica is a law student passionate about social justice and equal access to healthcare. Inspired by our charity’s mission, she founded the Hepatitis B Free Society at the University of Sydney in 2015 to campaign for greater awareness of hepatitis B and to raise funds. Her roles include promoting student involvement, creating and developing communication materials, and sourcing new connections through her university group. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys music, writing and long-distance running.


Magdalena Budzinska

Magdalena Budzinska is a Bioinformatician and PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, at Sydney Medical School. Her research interests include genomic changes leading the evolution of hepatocytes towards liver cancer and using Big Data to solve biological questions. As an avid traveller she has already visited over 70 countries and set foot in each of the seven continents. Her travel experiences have substantially enhanced her motivation towards giving back to the disadvantaged communities and returning the favour to those who have helped her. She believes that every single person has the power to change the world and lives of other people.

Fiona Doukas

Fiona Doukas, Pharmacist

Fiona Doukas is a pharmacist specialising in Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship (which involves improving the quality use of anti-infective medications). Fiona is a clinical educator at the University of Sydney and is currently secretariat for the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee for Concord Hospital, Canterbury Hospital and the Concord Centre for Mental Health. Fiona has completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Master of Public Health, specialising in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and Control and has an interest in improving patient medication use. With respect to Hepatitis B Free, Fiona assists with medicines information and pharmacovigilance.

Calvin Park

Calvin Park, Medical Officer

Calvin is a new member to Hepatitis B Free. He is currently working as a doctor at Nepean Hospital and has a special interest in hepatology.

Moe Moe Thinn

Moe Moe Thinn, Medical Officer

Dr Moe Moe Thinn graduated medicine from the University of New South Wales after completing her high school education in Myanmar. She is currently working at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network to become a paediatrician. She joined the Hepatitis B Free team following the loss of her beloved father from liver related illness in 2013. Moe travelled to Papua New Guinea in 2015 and Myanmar in 2016 for screening and vaccination in remote villages and orphanages. She is actively involved in promoting awareness of hepatitis B in the local migrant community in Australia. Her passion towards volunteering in the area of need grows, working with dedicated team members, inspired by her late father, and with the support from her partner and family.